About the Project

We are telling the stories of entrepreneurs and innovators who are struggling to create companies and jobs in the US. As immigration reform goes through Congress, this issue becomes critical in shaping the future of the United States.

When many think "immigration reform," they think undocumented workers. While this is a large part of the discussion, we must also look at the part of the equation in which students and entrepreneurs come to the United States to generate research and create jobs. The current system often impedes this process following graduation from U.S. schools.

By sharing these stories of entrepreneurs alongside the views of policy makers, we aim to create awareness about the current system, and engagement about the need for reform. This documentary and web-series will be informative—describing and clarifying the reform process while maintaining an understanding of the deeply human nature of the issue.

This is more than statistics, numbers, bullet points on a list or sound-bites from the media. Help us show the lives, aspirations and achievements of innovators and the path they take to creating the next Intel, Yahoo, Google, and eBay.

We are presently amidst a Kickstarter campaign, always seeking to spread more awareness of the issue, and always searching for more stories. To see how you can help, check out the "you" section. Every little bit helps!

Our team

Cristoforo Magliozzi

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Having graduated from Harvard with a degree in Literature, Cristoforo has been telling stories through film ever since including documenting the micro-finance operations of Opportunity International in Ghana, making videos alongside the President's videographer at the White House in the Office of Digital Strategy, and spearheading the storytelling efforts of various Boston startups through the Techstars incubator.

Cris is an interdisciplinary storyteller, with qualifications in graphic design, front end development and animation, which complements his primary skill set as a writer and filmmaker. He is passionate about harnessing technology to bring together multiple modes of story to shine a light upon and strategize action around current social issues.

Zheela Qaiser


Zheela Qaiser is an immigrant entrepreneur with a personal interest in creating awareness around this issue and enacting change. She is a community organiser and has spearheaded fundraising and organisational initiatives at Yale, MIT and in the Boston community.

Zheela is a writer, designer and life long learner. Her passion is interdisciplinary collaboration, to create work that is larger than single individuals. She is always looking for ways to make an impact through positive change.

Ways You Can Help